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Entrepreneurship is part of your sacred Soul Work in this lifetime!


You have a unique calling in this life--a calling that is the culmination of lifetimes of wisdom, your innate gifts, and a desire for growth and evolution in this life.

Entrepreneurship is your vehicle to fulfill this calling as it creates a platform for you to form genuine connections while being of service to others. But to do this, it asks you to do some intense personal and spiritual development work. 

Though this work can be challenging at times, it's why we are here. We were born to heal, transform, grow, and evolve, all while helping our community and planet do the same.


So, no more waiting for "the right time" because no such thing exists. The time is now!

No more waiting for people to be more supportive because this work is yours to do-- it requires no one else's permission or validation or even understanding. 

No more waiting until you know more or have more certifications. Learning will be an ongoing part of your journey, but far too many of us use the need for more education, training, and credentials as excuses from keeping us from showing up. 

We each chose to be alive now for a reason. This is our moment. The revolution is here, calling us to join.



Chynna Haas

Intuitive Business Healer


intuition • intention • alignment

As an Intuitive Business Healer, I hold sacred space for you to remember who you are on a Soul level and why you’re here in this lifetime.

I work intuitively—
Connecting with Spirit to bring forth any messages, direction, or insight to help you move forward.
Sensing any stagnant or stuck energy that is blocking you in fully expressing and embodying your purpose at this time.
Tuning in to which systems and technologies that need to be brought into your work so they may provide sacred support and structure in your business.

I guide you back to the deepest, wisest parts of yourself and help you remember how to make decisions from that place.

I am deeply committed to the highest good of clients! I often act as a mirror to reflect this vision back to my clients, which allows them to see the highest good for themselves and begin taking action to bring their life’s work in alignment with this vision.

If this resonates for you, I recommend beginning with one of my two signature sessions:

Chynna brings intuition in to each session, so it allows me to find spiritual direction with my work. This guidance gave me the strength and clarity to take steps to move forward with my work in a realistic way. This is profound.
— Past Client in Wisconsin
Chynna is creative, energetic, knowledgeable and a delight to work with. She guided me through my business re-visioning process with non-judgmental support, feedback and suggestions.
— Past Client in Wisconsin