30 Days of Intuitive Business

WElcome to the Business rebellion — the entrebellion!

We are being called to do business differently! Not just changing a few things here or there, but to actually shift the entire paradigm that governs entrepreneurship, business, and commerce.

If you are called to build a business that serves others, a business that resonates deeply with your own Soul, a business that impacts the lives of others and gently shakes our world, then you are part of this Entrebellion!

Who am I?

I’m Chynna Haas, an Intuitive Business Healer. I hold sacred space for you to remember who you are on a Soul level and why you’re here in this lifetime.

I work with my Spirit Team to do this and to bring forth messages for the rebellious entrepreneurs who are here shifting the paradigm.

I was guided to hold intentional space for 30 Days of Intuitive Business.

For each of these 30 days, I will share a channeled message from my Spirit Team about intuitive and intentional business. Some days will be about the big picture of this shifting paradigm. Other days will be nuts and bolts intuitive strategy about things like social media and your website.

Most days will be audio messages, but I may share videos or text if I am so guided.


Are you ready?

I am so grateful that you’re here!

Whether you found this on Day One or Day Twenty-Three, you are here at the exact right time for you! You can go back and listen to any of the previous messages. I will leave them up for about a month or so after the 30 Days are done.

If this resonates for you, please share it! Email it, send it in messenger, post it to Facebook, share it in your Instagram Stories, even post it to LinkedIn or Twitter if that’s your thing. :)

All across the planet individuals are waking up to their Soul’s Mission to become rebellious, paradigm-shifting entrepreneurs. These messages are for them, these messages are for you!

I invite you to also connect with me on social media and join my intentional email community.

Here we go!

01/29/19 - Day One - There Are No Rules

01/30/19 - Day Two - Most Authenticity is a PErformance

01/31/19 - Day Three - Everything in Business is an energetic exchange

02/01/19 - Day Four - The Numbers Don’t Matter

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