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Sustained high vibe support

Though the spark that ignites our entrepreneurial journey can come in an instant, the process of building an intentional, Soul-aligned business is an ongoing process.

Every decision we make in our business is an opportunity to move us either more into alignment or further away, but sometimes we aren’t able to see which way to go until after the decision has passed. This is because making decisions this way is a new skill for many of us.

To improve this skill you need a few things:

  • Clarity on what exactly alignment looks like for you as a Soul-aligned entrepreneur

  • A clear vision on your Soul’s Work in this lifetime and how your business will support it

  • Guidance on to move more into alignment

  • Continued support in a safe space to do this work

This is why I created the a l i g n community

a l i g n is an intentional business community created for healers, creatives, and visionaries!

It is your safe space online to be around others whose Soul’s Work is to building businesses that serve, support, and inspire others. You can connect with this community of like-minded people 24/7 online in an intentional space just for you!

With your membership in this community, you also have access to fresh content on a weekly and monthly basis that was created intuitively and intentionally for you!

As I’ve tuned in to what I am mean to be sharing and where I am meant to be sharing it, I’ve decided to take a step back from the amount of content I am sharing on social media. Instead, I am called to share the most intentional, aligned content I can in this new community! That includes the intuitive downloads and insight I receive, as well as providing information and training about the energy of technology and the digital space.

I hope you will join me in the a l i g n community!


What do you get as a member of the a l i g n ?


Monthly Audio Recording

Each month Chynna will create an audio recording that’s exclusive to our community. She will tune in to Spirit for the topic to teach on or to bring forth a completely channeled message for the a l i g n community.

This audio recording will only be available to members of the a l i g n community.

You will also get access to the archive of past audio recordings.


Weekly Livestream with Chynna

Each week Chynna will hold a livestream event exclusively for members of the a l i g n community. As she steps back from livestreaming on Facebook, this will be one of the many ways to connect with her energy, messages, and teaching.

You will also get access to an archive of livestreams from previous weeks when you join.

These livestreams will not be available anywhere outside of this community.


Monthly Hangout with Chynna

Chynna will hold intentional space for members of the a l i g n community once a month via Zoom video. This is a chance for you to connect via video with the other members of the community. Together we will share about our experience of the past month's theme and work.

You can also submit a question for Chynna that she will answer in this group setting. If you are able to join live, you will also be able to have your question answered live during the hangout.

Questions can be about anything related to intuitive and intentional business, bringing your business into alignment, and anything else that comes up for you as you participate in this community.

Hangouts will be recorded and you will have access to their archive as part of your membership.


Private Facebook Group

We each need meaningful community in our lives, but this can sometimes be challenging for entrepreneurs due to our schedules and the unique nature of our lives and work. It can even more difficult for those of us building Soul-aligned businesses that allow us to do the work we came here to do in this life.

Members of the a l i g n community have access to a private Facebook group that is exclusive to them. It is a space to share and connect with one another. Chynna will be around the group too to connect and celebrate you.


Priority Registration & Enrollment

By choosing to be a member of the a l i g n community, you are making a commitment to yourself, your work, and everyone you are here to serve in this life. Chynna values this commitment and is grateful for you choosing her to support you in this journey. This is why she gives priority to members of this community for enrollment in any of her new programs and courses, as well as priority registration for her events and experiences.

When a new program, course, event, or experience is ready to be released, members of the a l i g n community will be the first people notified and you will be provided a window of time to sign up before anyone else.

Additional bonus content

Chynna co-creates intuitively with Spirit, often with a great immediacy to create and release this work. The a l i g n community will be where the majority of this additional content is shared. The content may be in the form of additional livestreams, audio recordings, video recordings, or worksheets/workbooks.


Words from Our Community

Working with Chynna and participating in the Align Community is giving me a consistent basis for continuous growth. Integrating my authentic self with my soul’s purpose and business transformations. There is support and inspiration as more and more unfolds...I have so much gratitude for her vision, encouragement and intuitive gifts.
— Cary Wyninger of Art N' Soul

Pricing and Refund Information

a l i g n is a monthly membership plan of $21 billed each month. Membership fees renew automatically until you cancel them through PayPal or Stripe. There are no refunds on the monthly membership for the a l i g n program.

By joining the a l i g n community, you consent for us to send you emails about the program, to save your contact information for the purposes of retrieving your account, and you can unsubscribe from either at any time.