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June 2019


Welcome to our relaunched and renewed of the a l i g n community! I am so beyond grateful that you’ve chosen to be a part of this community.

You’ve chosen to invest time, money, and energy in to not only your business, but also in your Soul and the growth it is committed to in this life.

This month we will be digging into the theme of reemergence!

Many of us are emerging from a period of great shifting and transformation. Old identities, patterns, and behaviors have been shed. Our more honest, aligned, authentic, and raw self is ready to emerge in the world so she can be seen and expressed.

Spirit has messages to help us navigate this period of rapid transformation and shapeshifting. Are you ready?

With love & rebellion,

P.S. If you know someone who should be in this community with us, please be sure to invite them! You can send them this link to join:


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Your June Experience

I am excited to announce that we are moving off Facebook this month! This has been a project that I’ve been working on for the past couple months, so it is a big step for me that our new group is finally up and running.


Monthly Audio Recording

Available on Wednesday, June 12

Weekly Livestream with Chynna

Friday, June 21
Thursday, June 27

Dates and times may change, but I will keep this section updated and post in our group if they do.

Monthly Community Hangout

Tuesday, June 25 at 7 PM CST

Private align community Group - now part of the entrebellionhq network!

Priority Registration & Enrollment

As a member of this community, you get first access to enroll in any of my new programs and courses, as well as priority registration for my events and experiences.

When a new program, course, event, or experience is ready to be released, I will send you an email and post the links here.

Additional bonus content & Gifts

More coming soon!


Account, Pricing and Refund Information

a l i g n is a monthly membership plan of $21 billed each month. Membership fees renew automatically until you cancel them through PayPal or Stripe. There are no refunds on the monthly membership for the a l i g n program.

By joining the a l i g n community, you consent for us to send you emails about the program, to save your contact information for the purposes of retrieving your account, and you can unsubscribe from either at any time. 

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