Aligning Your Expansion

An intentional container to connect, experience & align from your soul’s most expanded state

This program is a call to reconnect with your Soul.
A call to trust your own Inner Knowing and to choose it as your guide for this journey.
More than just acknowledging your Soul, this is a call to deeply, honestly, and wholly embody it.
The intention for this container is to provide you a safe space to connect and align with the most expansive energetic truth for your life.
Have you reached the point in your journey where it’s time for this work?

- Maybe This is For You -

We are entering the season where the external pressures of the world are the loudest. As entrepreneurs, some of us encounter the pressure to hustle hard the last few months of the year with the energy of the holiday shopping season. Some of us find ourselves feeling that push to look backward, reflecting on our year and lamenting about how our path unfolded differently than we had intended at the beginning of the year. And also some of us feel a pull to set new intentions and cast new visions for the new year, which focuses on external goals or measuring our own internal worth or journeys with external indicators and values.

If any of this rings true for you, the Aligning Your Expansion container may be for you.

This program is really an energetic container where I am supporting you as a guide who holds the space for you to connect deeply with your own Soul. The intention is that you can begin the work of uncovering and embodying your Soul’s highest, truest, and most expansive vision for your life.

You are your Soul and your Soul is you. This program is space to full embody this truth.

- What’s Included -

  • Chynna will hold an energetic container for the duration of this program. The intention for this container is providing space for your Soul to express its highest, truest, most expansive vision for this life and for you to connect and align with this expansive vision.

  • Guided Space for Self-Reflection (done through written or audio reflection from guided questions Chynna provides)

  • One 90-Minute Soul Tuning & Aligning Session (via Zoom Video)

  • Two 60-Minute Integration Sessions (via Zoom video)

  • Access to share with Chynna what is coming up for you in this work through Voxer audio messages

- Duration | Investment | Availability -

  • This program will take between four and six weeks to complete (based on scheduling availability)

  • Regular investment is $780, but the program is currently available for $480 until October 3, 2019

  • There are currently 6 spots available in this program between October and November.

  • Please Note: Though it is not a group experience, Chynna will be guiding up to six souls through this experience over the energetic window available between October and November. When I am intuitively guided to close this space, I will take this offer down.

  • You will be emailed a client agreement to review and electronically sign before we begin our work together.