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Let’s Revolutionize Business!

build a business that is AN OPEN RESISTANCE TO THE STATUS QUO

A paradigm shift is unfolding on our planet and in our consciousness. If we choose to be part of this unfolding, we can alter every facet of our lives— including business, commerce, and consumption.

The paradigm is not driven by our ego or conscious minds, it comes from tapping into the wisdom within each of us and choosing to bring that wisdom forward in our words, our choices, our lives, and our work.

Your entrepreneurial journey will not look like anyone else’s journey. Your speed, reach, revenue, and business model will each be as unique as you.

Conscious consumption. Shifting the paradigm. Building a new reality,

We call this the Entrebellion.

Entrebellion (n. /,äntrəˈbelyən/):

1) an open resistance to the status quo through developing, organizing, and managing a business or businesses;

2) an open resistance to control of our minds, our creativity, and our time through the development and operation of a business developed by oneself;

3) a countering of the dominant culture's propagation of apathy through one's audacious cultivation of a business representative of one's authentic self


Rebellious One!


Declaration of the Rebellious Entrepreneur

from Chynna Haas - Intuitive Business Healer

We, as a collective, are in the midst of a paradigm shift that is unfolding on our planet and in our consciousness. We are releasing our need for competition, fear, war, greed, and destruction as we allow a higher vibrational energy to take root-- an energy focused on collaboration, deep knowing, peace, abundance, and creation. 

Collectively we are reclaiming our power, our voices, and our resources. We no longer accept that there are haves and have nots, but rather we are all interconnected beings. We no longer accept that we must conform to rise. We no longer accept our role as mindless workers in corporate machines. We no longer accept that our silence is required for our success, rather we recognize that our silence makes us complicit in a broken system. We no longer accept that we must destroy our planet-- our home-- in order to prosper. 

We are healers, holding space for each individual to release themselves from the shackles of their traumas, dramas, and wounds. We know that individual healing creates a ripple of collective healing.

We are visionaries who see the world not as it is, but as what it could be and it needs to be. 

We are trailblazers creating new paths in the uncharted territory of human consciousness so that more of us can join the chorus of sacred rising. 

We are beacons of light guiding awakened souls back to their own power and truth and voice.

We build businesses that are an open resistance to the status quo by focusing on being of service and unapologetically in alignment with our authentic selves.

We build businesses that counter the dominant culture's propagation of apathy by providing us an outlet to authentically express ourselves, change lives, and build movements.

We build businesses that are an open resistance to the control of our minds, our creativity, and our time.

We are alive right now to create. We are alive right now to rise. We are alive right now to rebel.

We are Rebellious Entrepreneurs and we are here to shake the world.


Your Sacred Journey

Entrepreneurship is a sacred journey in this life and we must treat it as such.

We must honor it, never devaluing it with gimmicks or tricks or strategies designed to manipulate or mislead those we claim to want to serve.

We must embody it, fully accepting it as our path and a key part of who we came here to be in this lifetime.

We must understand that entrepreneurship, like any other life journey, is chosen not just for its beauty and rewards, but for its challenges and lessons.

We must show up fully for all aspects of this experience.

We must walk this path with courage, humility, and love.

We must walk with intention, trusting our knowing.

We must use our intuition to make decisions that bring us closer to alignment with our Soul’s Vision for this life.

Entrepreneurs see the world as it should be, not as it is. They are revolutionaries healing our world with their truth and vision.
— Chynna Haas

 Do you feel called as a soul-aligned entrepreneur in this life?

The world needs you. It’s time. YOu’re ready.

A note from Chynna….

I see you there, rebellious one. Frustrated by the apathy that surrounds you. Heart-sick over our broken world. Feeling called to use your life to serve, to heal, to create, to love, to give, to change, to revolutionize, to rebel.

I see you. I hear you. I feel you.

To me, and many others sensitive to such things, it has felt as though the world has been slowly unraveling over the past several weeks, months, and even years. 

Truth be told, our world is crumbling. The old masculine, competitive, destructive, war-mongering energy is falling away. Though this can feel scary, it is actually for our greatest good.

You see, when the old falls away, the new can take it's place. Where does the new come from? Us! You, me, your family, your neighbors, and the rest of the folks inhabiting our planet right now. We get to build the world that we want and need.

What does this new world look like?


I see it as a more feminine world, one that is loving and high vibe. One that is focused on collaboration and support. One that shepherds in prosperity, advancements, and spiritual awakening.

This new world will not build itself!

Each of us must show up and do the work every day. As we push through this period of transition, the work may be challenging or seem slow-moving, but it is absolutely powerful, transformational work that we are called to do.

This is our spiritual awakening that allows us to create businesses that resist the status quo. Businesses that embody this feminine, loving, prosperous, supportive energies. Businesses built on our values. Businesses designed to serve the world in the myriad of ways it needs.

Are you in?

With love and rebellion,
Chynna Haas
Intuitive Business Healer