I am Chynna Haas.

I am an Intuitive Business Healer, which means that I work Spirit to help us do business in more intuitive, intentional, and aligned ways that support the reason we are each here at this time.

I have a pretty direct approach to my work, so don’t be surprised if I lovingly call you out on the junk that’s holding you back or blocking you from stepping fully into your power. Even many of the Spirit Guides I work with are direct and feisty, so it’s just how we roll in my sessions and workshops.

There are a few things about me you need to know…
- I don’t believe in marketing or advertising. They are outdated ways of communicating and connecting with those we are meant to be of service to, so it’s time we just let them go.
- I think 98% of us are using email wrong when it comes to business. As consumers, we also have been conditioned then to have the wrong expectations about email in business. Let’s fix that.
- I love entrepreneurs who are healers, creatives, and visionaries! I believe in you. I will fiercely advocate for you. And I will lovingly and boldly be your guide in this life.

Is this resonating with you? Great! Then, let’s get to work.
Want to know more? Drop me a line.


The More Formal About ME

Chynna Haas is an Intuitive Business Healer who supports her clients in gaining clarity around their Soul’s Big Vision for this life and in bringing that vision into reality. She works intuitively, providing her clients with strategic vision and tactical implementation that supports them in launching and growing their businesses.

Before striking out on her own, Chynna was a digital advertising specialist for a regional media company. Her professional background spans multiple industries and includes nonprofits, small businesses, and a Fortune 500 company. Chynna also has over eight years experience as a social justice organizer around issues of gender equality, socioeconomic representation and advocacy, and violence prevention.

Chynna holds her B.A. in Communication Arts and Gender/Women's Studies with a certificate in American Indian Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is also a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (INHC) from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC.

She loves a good business origin story told over iced coffee. 


Ready to get clarity on how to use your Big Vision to serve the world and build a business?

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