Asking is, at its core, a collaboration.
— Amanda Palmer

Thank you so much for attending my roundtable at the Small Business Academy!

I've pulled together some resources for you, including the handout from the roundtable and the recordings from both of my roundtables. I've also included information on working with me to launch your own crowdfunding campaign.

Download the handout from the Crowdfunding Roundtable

Replay from the First Roundtable

Replay from the Second Roundtable
Available in my Badass Rebelpreneur Group on Facebook

Amanda Palmer's TEDTalk

Are you ready to make your crowdfunding dreams a reality?


Work with Chynna one-on-one on a crowdfunding strategy for your business, organization, or project. 

During this three-hour strategy session, we will:
-Review your crowdfunding goal
-Brainstorm who the various stakeholders are in your campaign, so you can identify them and help them become donors/supporters
-Create a timeline for your pre-launch, launch, and campaign that covers relationship building, social media, email marketing, and other marketing channels
-Develop a strategy for your pre-launch, launch, and campaign that will help you reach your financial goal