Stressfree Bookkeeping LLC with Jill Myhre

Stressfree Bookkeeping LLC is a boutique business offering personalized services. 

I work with busy & driven small business owners who understand the value of a bookkeeper and are ready to give up spending nights, weekends, and free time doing their own books.

They are ready to have a business mentor who is passionate about helping them get where they want to go.

I tell you the story of your business through your bookkeeping numbers, ultimately helping you to make proactive, informed decisions, to have better cash flow and to build profits.

Ideal Clients: Small business owners and entrepreneurs who really want to get a handle on their finances without spending all of their free time working on their books. Small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to be proactive about their cash flow and making profits.

Location: Stressfree Bookkeeping LLC is located in Western Wisconsin and they use video and online tools to work with clients throughout the U.S.

Jill is AMAZING! She takes the shame and judgement out of business finances, empowering you to reclaim your financial stability and success. She helps you get organized (or can also get you organized!) and put systems in place to make your bookkeeping stressfree.
— Chynna of 29rebel
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