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Building an Intentional Community on Instagram

There are no rules about what social media platforms you “should” or “shouldn’t” be a part of as an entrepreneur.

Instead, it’s about the energetic resonance of that platform for you and your community. (Not sure what I mean? Check out my free workshop before this one.)

For many soul-aligned entrepreneurs, Instagram is a platform that has an energy that resonates. Partially for it’s structure (images with relatively brief text), the ability to connect with people outside your immediate network, and a format that doesn’t allow for as many of the low-vibe shenanigans that it’s sibling Facebook does.

During this online workshop, Intuitive Business Healer Chynna Haas will guide you in connecting to the energetic frequency of Instagram so you can feel if it is a platform for you to utilize within your work and/or as an individual. She will then walk you through how to actually use the platform in an intentional and aligned way that allows you authentically share your work, connect with your community, and hold energetic space.

Workshop will take place online and you will be sent the link ahead of time. A link for the replay will be emailed to you after the workshop concludes.