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Building Healthy Boundaries in our Digital Spaces


Most of us understand how valuable it is to have healthy energetic boundaries and regular hygiene routines to ground and clear our personal energy. But how do we extend that to our work and interactions online? How do we make our website and social media communities safe places for ourselves and others? 

Regardless of the size of your digital platform, if you don’t have healthy boundaries online or systems in place to manage the energy vampires, you’ll soon find yourself depleted and overextended, and it will be a challenge to stay in the high vibe state you need to be in to shine your light and share your work with the world.

In our conversation together, we’ll talk about how to have both strong and flexible boundaries, shifting your boundaries depending on the setting, how to imprint your energetic signature on your physical and digital work, unfriending or blocking when necessary, and managing online energy exchanges.

Amy Dempster will be joining us for this live Zoom call in the EntrebellionHQ! Amy is a grid keeper, writer over at Following Hawks, and all around incredible soul. She is also hosting me at her home in Northwest Montana for much of October, so we will be joining you together from there for this live training.

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