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Entrepreneurship & Essential Oils

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As entrepreneurs, we are looking for support that will help us grow our businesses while bringing some sort of balance to our lives.

We've sought advice and support from podcasts, books, coaches, gurus, the latest apps, and productivity hacks. Many of us have been on this journey long enough to know that what we're looking for is inside of us, not some external magic fix or formula.

  • But, how do you hold space for the internal work necessary to help you grow your aligned business?

  • How do you quiet your mind in a loud world?

  • How do you allow yourself to move past just making it through the day to truly envisioning your future?

  • How do you find the courage to take big leaps and ask for what you really want and need?

  • How do you begin welcoming abundance into all aspects of your life and business?

As an Intuitive Business Healer, I work with entrepreneurs, healers, creatives, and visionaries who are doing the work each day to bring their business into alignment with their Soul's Mission for this lifetime. I myself am also on this journey.

Though I know so much of this process of alignment is internal, we don't have to navigate this path alone. Particularly, the daily work that helps us fully embody this alignment like the decisions we make, the clients and customers we choose to work with, the way we structure our schedule, the spaces we choose to work, and how we take care of ourselves on all levels.

This past summer, I welcomed essential oils into my life and my work. These little bottles of plant medicine have been a gamechanger for me!

Here are just some of the ways I use essential oils as an entrepreneur:

  • Topically on my hands, chest, and neck as part of my intention-setting practices

  • Diffusing while I write emails, create new programs/courses, and outline new workshops

  • Diffusing them in my space before client sessions

  • Topically before and/or during client sessions

  • To cleanse my energy and space after a client session

  • Topically and diffusing while I work on bookkeeping

  • Topically as part of my personal meditation practice and when I am guiding clients through meditation

Using essential oils has made me feel more grounded in my work, while also opening up my intuition in deeper ways. They have also helped me do significant work on my mindset and many of the emotional patterns that were keeping me stuck in my work.

I've had such a positive experience using essential oils as an entrepreneur, that I want to share it with all of you too!

So, this event is simply a Facebook Live will I be sharing more about the impact essential oils have had on me and my business, plus I will show you the specific oils I'm using and how I use them!