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Launch Your Course {rebel labs}

Here's the deal: If you are reading this, you are here to have an impact in this life.


Like soul-sparking, earth-shaking, game-changing impact. The kind of impact that creates space for those in your community to change their lives! The type of impact that creates a ripple beyond your wildest imagination.

Can you feel that? Take a moment and breath into this as you allow all the limitations and fears that are holding you back just fall away in this moment.

For so many of us, part of our work is sharing a core message or philosophy that can guide others through making changes in their lives, their businesses, their families, and their mindset. But this is also where many soul-aligned entrepreneurs get stuck-- how can you share this message in an accessible and intentional way where others can actually do something with it?

Affordable online courses are one way you can share your message with others in a way that they can actually take meaningful action in their lives.

Creating such an online course doesn't have to be stressful or overwhelming.

It also doesn't need to come from an icky, salesy energetic space where you are trying to use it just to make money off your community, Rather, your online course can come from an aligned energetic space where you are focused on serving your community in a fair, balanced energetic exchange.

💫💫💫 Starting on September 5, I am offering a 4-week online group experience where we will work together to launch your online course. 💫💫💫

I will help you take your message and idea and map it into specific content for your course. Together, we will create a sales page, setup your payment options, plan out how you'll create and store your content, how you'll deliver your content to the folks in your course, and how you bring all of this together to launch it and start impacting lives.

What's even better is that we will do this together as an intentional small group all working to launching our soul-aligned courses.

You do not need to have any tech know-how or any technology already setup to participate in this course! I will guide you in connecting not only to the big vision of your course, but also walk you through step-by-step the technical pieces needed to create, sell, and launch your course.

If this resonates, I hope you’ll join us in creating and sharing your course with the world. Your community is ready and waiting for your wisdom and guidance!


~ Four modules spread over four weeks where we will go over everything you need to launch your own self-hosted course
~ Each module will include the following
~ A livestream with Chynna going over the intuitive strategy supporting that week’s topic
~ A video training setting up that week's topic
~ Video trainings guiding you the technology covered in that week's module
~ A PDF checklist of the steps to complete that week
~ Access to a private online group (not on Facebook) with the other students in the program and Chynna


--- a new module drops every Thursday in September ---

1) Mapping Your Course
2) Sales Page & Payment
3) Content Creation & Storage
4) Content Delivery & Bringing It All Together

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