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More than Likes: Understanding the Energy of Social Media

Everything in this world has an energetic frequency that can be experienced.

This includes you, your business, your products and services, your clients/customers, and your community. It also includes the various places online and offline where you can connect with your community.

There are far too many “marketing experts” out there focused on “target markets” and “understanding your niche.” Rather than getting wrapped up in far too generalized demographics like gender, age, and location, I focus on clearly understanding the energetic frequency of the community you are here to serve in this life and the platforms and opportunities with which you can connect with them.

During this online workshop, we will have a conversation about social media and the technology available to us as entrepreneurs that is different from anything you’ve likely ever heard.

Focusing on energy instead of gimmicks, we will experience with the most popular social media platforms in a more intentional and clearer way. I will also share with you about the bigger picture of how social media is currently being used and how we as soul-aligned entrepreneurs are being called to radically change it.


-Workshop takes place *online*
-Workshop is Free
-You will be emailed a link to join the workshop ahead of time
-A link for replay will be emailed out after the workshop concludes
-Replay will be available for 48 hours

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