EntreSoul Gatherings

Let's Gather your friends and Build soul-aligned businesses while at your kitchen table!

I've long believed that the most powerful gathering place is the kitchen table!

When we gather around a kitchen table, we are able to come together with intimacy and connection that we don't experience many other places.

Kitchen tables are where big ideas are born. They're where we share our truth. They're where we find the encouragement to dream bigger and the support to keep going.

For all of these reasons, I have decided to bring my desire of helping entrepreneurs launch and grow soul-aligned businesses to kitchen tables throughout this country!

Keep reading for all the details. If you’re interested in scheduling your EntreSoul Gathering, please use the form at the bottom of this page.


What is an EntreSoul gathering

An EntreSoul Gathering is a three-hour workshop that takes place in your home (or another agreed upon gathering space) and is facilitated by Chynna Haas, Intuitive Business Healer. The workshop is designed for entrepreneurs looking to bring alignment back into their businesses, as well as new entrepreneurs wanting to launch an aligned business. 

During our time together, Chynna will guide your group through intuitive exercises to bring clarity to your big visions for this life, participate in candid conversations that reveal your true entrepreneurial needs and goals, and then support each of you in creating gameplans for launching or growing your businesses in a more intentional and soul-aligned way.

After the EntreSoul Gathering, each guest will also get access to an online resource library from Chynna that includes audio files, journal prompts, and training videos created to help you implement the lessons revealed during our time together.

A key difference between an EntreSoul Gathering and regular workshop is that you control the guest list. EntreSoul Gathering are private events, so Chynna does not promote them publicly or invite guests to them. Why? Because EntreSoul Gathering are an opportunity for you to gather (or even find) your community of rebellious entrepreneurs. As a group, you then have the shared experience of this workshop with Chynna and then you can continue supporting one another long after the EntreSoul Gathering is done. 


How Does It Work

If you're interested in hosting an EntreSoul Gathering, you can fill out the form below and Chynna will be in touch within three business days to discuss potential dates and answer any questions you may have.

Once we finalize a date, you will be sent an invoice for the monetary portion of our exchange and a guide for hosting your EntreSoul Gathering. You will then be sent a questionnaire to complete with information about your Gathering’s guest list, your goals and intentions for the Gathering, and what topics you want Chynna to cover during your Gathering. In the lead up to your EntreSoul Gathering, Chynna will remain available via email to answer any questions you have.

A Few Logistical Notes:
Chynna will hold the workshop regardless of event attendance (though 10 entrepreneurs is her preferred max for these events), but an ideal group is between you 3 - 10 people. 

The exchange for an EntreSoul Gathering is $300, which is paid online before the event. It is recommended that you split the $300 cost among the event's attendees, but you can ultimately choose what is best for you and your group in handling the exchange. 


Schedule Your own EntreSoul Gathering

Chynna is currently traveling throughout the United States, so she will be in new communities and cities over the next several months. This page will be kept updated with more details on cities as they become available.

Even if you don’t see a city near you on the list below, please still reach out with your interest and location as Chynna may be able to accommodate visiting your city on her travels.

- Greater City Areas Currently Available for EntreSoul Gatherings-

Madison, Wisconsin | La Crosse, Wisconsin | Viroqua, Wisconsin | Winona, Minnesota | Minneapolis/St.Paul, Minnesota
Memphis, Tennessee | Nashville, Tennessee | Atlanta, Georgia | New Orleans, Louisiana

If you are interested in hosting your own EntreSoul Gathering, use the form below to share what you have in mind and I will be contact with you shortly to start firming up details. Even if you aren't located in one of the cities above, still let me know you're interested and we will see what we can come up with. :)

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