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 a two month intentional Entrepreneurial experience

This program is for the individual who is ready to experience the healing power of entrepreneurship. The individual who is ready to create from a place of intention and alignment. The individual who is ready to fully embrace and embody the entrepreneurial journey they chose for this life.

Everything is energy and everything has a vibration— your business, your services, your community, you. When we choose to work with this energy, we are able to fully embody the work we came here to do and connect fully with those we are here to serve.

As an Intuitive Business Healer, I work with clients to do this. I’ve designed this two-month Journey Program to guide you in getting clear on your Soul’s Big Vision for this life, understanding the current energetic vibration of your business, and beginning to realign your business with the vibration of your Big Vision and those you are meant to serve in this life.

The program includes a weekly session so that you have the support and guidance to actually make these intentional, sustainable changes in your business. It also includes six hours of Sacred Systems Support, where I setup and optimize any of the systems we identify during your Sacred Systems Session— for many clients this includes systems such as a scheduling system or a platform to build your email community.

Keep reading to see everything that is included in the Journey Program.

I only work with 2-3 clients at a time in this program, so if this resonates with you, please schedule your Clarity Chat so we can see if we’re an energetic fit to work together and you can ask any questions you may have about the program.


What’s Included:

  • Visionary Strategy Session

  • Business Energy Assessment (audio)

  • Client Attunement Session

  • Sacred Systems Session

  • Six Hours of Sacred Systems Support

  • Weekly Sessions (about 60 minutes each)

  • Intentional Community Building Session

  • Unlimited Email and Texting Access to Chynna

  • Enrollment in the Death to the Newsletter Course

  • Intentional Welcome Gift Chosen Specifically for You


Two Months


$3,000 (payment plans available)


Currently have one spot available in October and one spot available in November.

Spots are filling. If you’d like to be part of this program in December 2019 or into 2020, it is recommended that you put a deposit down to hold your spot in the months you prefer. We can discuss this option during your Clarity Chat.


Interested in joining the j o u r n e y program?

Schedule a Clarity Chat where we can ensure we are a good energetic match and I can ask any questions you may have.

More About What’s Included

Visionary Strategy Session

Somewhere inside of you is a Big Vision-- the road map and destination for what you were born to do in this life. During this session, we will work together to unlock this vision, gain clarity around it, and identify the intentional, aligned actions you can take to make it a reality. Don’t worry if you’ve already had this session with me before— as you do the work of aligning with your Soul’s Vision, we are able to go deeper in this session. We will schedule this at a time during the two months when it will be the most beneficial for you.

Business Energy Assessment (audio)

During a Business Energy Reading, I work with our Spirit Teams to sit with the external pieces you’ve created for your business (website, social media profiles, etc.) and tune into the energy presented on these platforms, as well as the underlying energy of your work and your relation to it.

I record the audio of these sessions, which includes my reading of the energy of your business, how you’re presenting it physically/digitally, and your relation to your business and work. I share the energy as it feels/appears to me with Spirit and I channel any messages They have for you on how to clear your energy and step more fully into alignment with your work, including how you are presenting your externally.

If you’ve already had this session done, it will be scheduled near the end of this program after you’ve had time to rework the external pieces of your business so they are more fully in alignment for you. The reading will then be a reflection of this new vibration.

Client Attunement Session

Everything and everyone is energy. During your Client Attunement Session, we come together in a meditative state to begin feeling the energy of the clients you are here to serve at this time. We then connect with their energetic frequency and attune your energy to it. We close out the session with a guided meditation that opens your energy to welcoming these clients into your life.

Sacred Systems Session

When set up intentionally, the technical pieces of our business provide us with sacred support. During this session, I will map out your current workflow and ideal workflow for your current services, sessions, and programs. This means we will look at the pieces tied to how people book time with you, sign up for your classes or programs, how they pay you, how you gather necessary information and forms, and how you actually conduct your services. After our sessions, I will send you a complete workflow for your key services, sessions, and programs that includes which technical tools you can use to help streamline this work.

Six Hours of Sacred Systems Support

Many of my clients find the technical side of their systems to be a bit overwhelming or intimidating, so this program includes six hours of me working on setting up and optimizing your sacred systems. This may include your scheduling system, payment processing, email community tool, website, etc. This work will usually be identified and agreed upon as part of your Sacred Systems Session.

Weekly Sessions

We will meet via a video call each week for about 60 minutes. These sessions will be whatever you need each week to help you continue moving forward with the program. Some clients use this time for technical support with their sacred systems, coaching support for mindset or to work through blocks that have come up, intuitive strategy or planning support, or a combination of all of these. You let me know what you need, so we can address that during your session. I will also help guide you forward in your overall goals for this program and your work during our weekly sessions.

Intentional Community Building Session

I believe that marketing and advertising are no longer in alignment for many of us who are called into entrepreneurship as part of our Soul’s Work. Rather, I believe we are meant to intentionally build aligned communities that we can serve with our work. During this session, we will intuitively create an action plan for how you can build an intentional community that resonates authentically for you and those you are meant to be of service to.

Unlimited Email and Texting Access to Chynna

Only my private clients have unlimited access to me via email and text. I respond as quickly as I can and aim to reply within 24 hours.

Enrollment in the Death to the Newsletter Course

You get access to this self-paced online course that includes over 7.5 hours of audio and video trainings. These trainings guide you through the technical side of setting up your email community, as well as holding space for you to get clear on your intentions for your email community. In this course, I guide you through letting go of marketing and advertising as we know it so you can step into intentionally building a community that you can serve with your work.

Ready for this kind of support in your life? Let’s talk.