A Channeled Message About Why You are Alive

Dear One,

You are here for a reason. You are alive right now in this moment and on this planet for a reason. You actually chose to be alive here and now.

In consultation with your Spirit Guides, you chose your body, you chose your family, you chose your hometown, you chose your personality, you chose your beliefs, you chose your insecurities, and you chose your work. You even chose much of the painful things you would experience here, just as you chose many of your beautiful experiences too.

You chose to be alive here and now.

What’s important for you to understand is that you chose to an entrepreneur in this life. It may have come together rather unexpectedly or “randomly” in a human sense, but your Soul came here to be an entrepreneur. This isn’t true for everyone, but if you’re reading this, it is likely true for you.

Many of us who are alive right now chose entrepreneurship as a vehicle to fulfill our Sacred Mission for this life—the mission that would allow our own Soul to expand and evolve, while also allowing us to be of service to other Souls and the Collective as a guide supporting their expansion and evolution.

You are a Sacred Mission Entrepreneur.

Not only are you capable of doing business differently, you chose to come here and actually do business differently than anything our planet has ever experienced before.

You came here to show up from your Soul.
You came here to lead from your Soul.
You came here to serve from your Soul.

Santa Fe, New Mexico ~ © Chynna Haas

Santa Fe, New Mexico ~ © Chynna Haas

Your human brain helps you avoid danger and death, while your human ego (when balanced) helps you put yourself out in the world so that you can do the work you are here to do. But your Soul—your Soul holds all your wisdom, your gifts, your skills, your tools, and your resources. Your Soul knows the truth about why you are here, as it holds the actual description of your Sacred Mission.

Are you listening to your Soul? Can you even hear it?

One of the difficulties of being alive at this time is that we are tasked with walking between the Old Paradigm and the New Paradigm. Sometimes we must stand firmly with one foot in each, while other times we must dance between the two with comfort and ease.

Some people alive now are here to remain firmly planted in the Old Paradigm, so this difficulty does not reflect their truth. Others are here to fully embody the New Paradigm and begin creating fully there, so this difficulty does not reflect their truth either.

For those of us that are here to support the actual paradigm shifting (if you are reading this and it resonates at all, chances are this is you), moving between these two paradigms with ease is where we encounter difficulty.

If you get stuck in the Old Paradigm without tending to the work you are here to do in the New Paradigm, your energy shifts in to hustle instead of flow. You feel like you have to do it alone—figure it all out on your own and make success happen on your own. Ego leads, telling you that it really is all about you. How many likes are you getting? How many followers do you have? How many people know your name? These are the things the ego stresses over.

If you get stuck in the New Paradigm without tending to the work you are here to do in the Old Paradigm, your energy can shift into that of tentative waiting because the waves of new information and creativity have nothing to anchor in. You feel disillusioned with the reality around you and may actually avoid it—the world and most of the people in it become disappointing and frustrating. Ego actually still leads here, telling you that you are more evolved, wiser, more ascended than those around you. Will I ever find my people? Will I ever feel at home? Will anyone ever understand me? These are the things an ego stuck untethered in the New Paradigm struggles with.

There is so much more to explore and understand about your work in this lifetime, so this is just the beginning. You are first asked to bring your awareness to the fact you are a Sacred Mission Entrepreneur who chose to be here in this time and place so that you can serve others through your entrepreneurial endeavors.

 You chose to be alive now and you are more than capable to do what you came here to do. Are you ready to accept these truths?

Until next time.

A Channeled Message from Spirit
Shared Through Chynna Haas

Your Guides are Ready to Connect with You

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