Declaration of the Rebellious Entrepreneur

We, as a collective, are in the midst of a paradigm shift that is unfolding on our planet and in our consciousness. We are releasing our need for competition, fear, war, greed, and destruction as we allow a higher vibrational energy to take root-- an energy focused on collaboration, deep knowing, peace, abundance, and creation. 

Collectively we are reclaiming our power, our voices, and our resources. We no longer accept that there are haves and have nots, but rather we are all interconnected beings. We no longer accept that we must conform to rise. We no longer accept our role as mindless workers in corporate machines. We no longer accept that our silence is required for our success, rather we recognize that our silence makes us complicit in a broken system. We no longer accept that we must destroy our planet-- our home-- in order to prosper. 

We are healers, holding space for each individual to release themselves from the shackles of their traumas, dramas, and wounds. We know that individual healing creates a ripple of collective healing.

We are visionaries who see the world not as it is, but as what it could be and it needs to be. 

We are trailblazers creating new paths in the uncharted territory of human consciousness so that more of us can join the chorus of sacred rising. 

We are beacons of light guiding awakened souls back to their own power and truth and voice.

We build businesses that are an open resistance to the status quo by focusing on being of service and unapologetically in alignment with our authentic selves.

We build businesses that counter the dominant culture's propagation of apathy by providing us an outlet to authentically express ourselves, change lives, and build movements.

We build businesses that are an open resistance to the control of our minds, our creativity, and our time.

We are alive right now to create. We are alive right now to rise. We are alive right now to rebel.

We are Rebellious Entrepreneurs and we are here to shake the world.

With love & rebellion,


Intuitive Business Healer


I am Chynna Haas.

I am Intuitive Business Healer, which means that I work Spirit to help us do business in more intuitive, intentional, and aligned ways that support the reason we are each here at this time.

Photo © Chynna Haas

Chynna Haas