Entrepreneurship is Your Sacred Journey


Entrepreneurship is a sacred journey in this life and we must treat it as such.

We must honor it, never devaluing it with gimmicks or tricks or strategies designed to manipulate or mislead those we claim to want to serve.

We must embody it, fully accepting it as our path and a key part of who we came here to be in this lifetime.

We must understand that entrepreneurship, like any other life journey, is chosen not just for its beauty and rewards, but for its challenges and lessons.

We must show up fully for all aspects of this experience.

We must walk this path with courage, humility, and love.

We must walk with intention, trusting our knowing.

We must use our intuition to make decisions that bring us closer to alignment with our Soul’s Vision for this life.

With love & rebellion,


Ready to embark on your sacred journey?

Chynna Haas