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My intention for my time in Montana is to work with the unique energy of this land and the spirits that call it home. Together we will transmute and release energy that has become stuck and stagnant as this energy no longer serves our collective’s evolution and growth. This also creates space for new energetic coding and intuitive insights to be downloaded and integrated. All of this is in service of the new Entrepreneurial Paradigm we are all part of birthing into reality.



Our Montana Host


Amy Dempster

Grid Keeper & WRiter at following Hawks

I joined Amy’s email list a handful of years ago after stumbling across a post on her blog where she shared a story about meeting the Spirit of the Land for the property where she and her husband were building a house.

The Spirit of the Land is the spirit that is essentially in-charge of a stretch of land. In the post she explained, “Each tree or plant or blade of grass has a fairy or spirit in that is in charge of caretaking that particular being.”

This was an entirely new concept for me!

I had never encountered anyone talking about the land and the spirits who tended to it in such a way, but I felt in my bones that she was speaking spiritual truth. So from then on, I looked forward to seeing her emails pop up in my inbox and I shared her work with as many people as possible.

And as fate would have it, when I decided to begin working with the energy of essential oils last summer, I joined a team that included none other than Amy Dempster.

And yes, when I saw her on my first team call, I had a total fan-girl moment.

I am thrilled to be traveling to Montana and spending a few weeks with Amy as part of my Intuitive Business Healer in Residence Program!

During my time there, I will be providing support to those attending Amy’s Earth Tenders Academy Retreat (the Academy is currently closed, but will reopen in Spring 2020). Amy and I will then be creating some awesome online and offline group experiences in the two weeks following the retreat.

I will post all of the details for the events and experiences right here on this page, once everything is finalized.



 Experiences & Events

Amy and I are finalizing all the details for what’s going down during my visit. We will have some online experiences happening to, so anyone can join from anywhere. In Montana, we will have opportunities to connect with us and other like-minded healers and entrepreneurs. Check back for all the details or send me a message using the form below if you want me to email once I announce the events.



Support this Journey

This time in Montana is the first experience of my Intuitive Business Healer in Residence Program (IBHRP). My intention with this program is have a meaningful impact on the entrepreneurial fiber of each community I visit, while staying in and experiencing the community and its people over an extended period of time (usually 4-6 weeks).

The core of this Program is an energetic exchange between me and the Community Host. I provide my time and knowledge, while they provide lodging and support with the logistics of my visit and the experiences we create during my stay.

We don’t exchange money in the Intuitive Business Healer in Residence Program. Part of the work my Spirit Team has asked me to do revolves around experimenting with alternative business models, which means alternative energetic exchanges for work and time and knowledge and creations.

That being said, most of our world isn’t fully embodying this new business paradigm, which means we all still have certain expenses that require a traditional exchange of money for goods and services. Expenses such as lodging as I travel to and from the communities, gas for the drive there and during my stay, food expenses, and let’s just be honest and acknowledge that coffee is its own expense category.

I firmly believe in fair energetic exchanges, so I have created a handful of support offerings where I can provide you with an intuitive gift or reading in exchange for your monetary support of my trip to Montana.

Your financial support (after processing fees and taxes) goes toward covering gas, lodging, and food for my travels to Montana, the time during the residency experience, and my travels to our next stop after Montana.

Insight from My Spirit Team

What I also love about these offerings it that they are a chance for you to join me for this Montana experience regardless of where you are! My Spirit Team has told me to prepare for massive energetic releasing and shifting while I am in Montana. They have also asked that I create intentional ways for me to share this energy and the intuitive messages that will come along with it. These offerings are some of the ways I will do this while in Montana.

Available Intuitive Offerings:

 Share Your Ideas

I’d love to hear your ideas for making my Montana visit even better!

I will be traveling to Montana from Wisconsin, which includes passing through Minnesota, North Dakota or South Dakota, and Montana. Do you live along this route and want to coordinate a Group Experience with your friends or community?

Do you have suggestions for Must See, Must Eat, Must Experience things for Montana or my drive?

Do you live in or near Kalispell or Missoula and want to connect for a session or reading during my visit?

Use this form below to connect with me about any of these ideas or suggestions. :)

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