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You don’t have to walk this path alone

Whether you’re preparing to launch your business or you’re ready for growth in your current business, I am here to support you in bringing intuition and intention to your work.

You can explore all of your options for working with me below. I encourage you browse the choices, click the buttons to learn more, and listen to your Inner Knowing for which offering resonates with you. If you want help selecting the most supportive option for you, please schedule a Clarity Chat with me where you can ask questions and I can help guide you in selecting the option that’s best for you at this time.

Single Sessions & Intuitive Readings

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Chynna Haas

Intuitive Business Healer


 intuition • intention • alignment

As an Intuitive Business Healer, I hold sacred space for you to remember who you are on a Soul level and why you’re here in this lifetime.

I work intuitively—
Connecting with Spirit to bring forth any messages, direction, or insight to help you move forward.
Sensing any stagnant or stuck energy that is blocking you in fully expressing and embodying your purpose at this time.
Tuning in to which systems and technologies that need to be brought into your work so they may provide sacred support and structure in your business.

I guide you back to the deepest, wisest parts of yourself and help you remember how to make decisions from that place.

I am deeply committed to the highest good of clients! I often act as a mirror to reflect this vision back to my clients, which allows them to see the highest good for themselves and begin taking action to bring their life’s work in alignment with this vision.

If this resonates for you, I recommend beginning with one of my two signature sessions: