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It's time to rebel.


Entrepreneurship is rebellion.

Entrepreneurs see the world not as it is, but as it should be. They are the revolutionaries-- the healers, the creatives, the visionaries-- who dare to change our world with their work. 

Are you one of them?

Then you're in the right place.

Here at 29rebel our mission is to help you launch and grow a soul-aligned business that serves the world and supports you financially. We do this by providing intuitive business and marketing strategy through private sessions, group programs, in-person workshops, and retreat experiences.

We are revolutionizing business!

Are you in?


It's time to go deeper.


Entrepreneurship is part of your sacred Soul Work in this lifetime!


You were born for a reason

You have a unique calling in this life--a calling that is the culmination of lifetimes of wisdom, your innate gifts, and a desire for growth and evolution in this life.

Entrepreneurship is your vehicle to fulfill this calling as it creates a platform for you to form genuine connections while being of service to others. But to do this, it asks you to do some intense personal and spiritual development work. 

Though this work can be challenging at times, it's why we are here. We were born to heal, transform, grow, and evolve, all while helping our community and planet do the same.

This is our moment

So, no more waiting for "the right time" because no such thing exists. The time is now!

No more waiting for people to be more supportive because this work is yours to do-- it requires no one else's permission or validation or even understanding. 

No more waiting until you know more or have more certifications. Learning will be an ongoing part of your journey, but far too many of us use the need for more education, training, and credentials as excuses from keeping us from showing up. 

We each chose to be alive now for a reason. This is our moment. The revolution is here, calling us to join.

Are you ready to answer it?



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