I see you there, rebellious one.

Frustrated by the apathy that surrounds you. Heart-sick over our broken world. Feeling called to use your life to serve, to heal, to create, to love, to give, to change, to revolutionize, to rebel.

I see you. I hear you. I feel you.

To me, and many others sensitive to such things, it has felt as though the world has been slowly unraveling over the past several months, years, and even decades. 

Truth be told, our world is crumbling. The old competitive, destructive, resource-devouring energy is falling away. Though this can feel scary, it is actually for our greatest good.

You see, when the old falls away, the new can take it's place.

Where does the new come from?

Us— you, me, your family, your neighbors, and the rest of the folks inhabiting our planet right now. We get to build the world that we want and need.


It is one that is loving and high vibrational, creative and intuitive, grounded and deeply rooted in the collective good. It is one that is focused on collaboration and support. One that shepherds in prosperity, advancements, and spiritual awakening.

This new world will not build itself!

Each of us must show up and do the work every day. As we push through this period of transition, the work may be challenging or seem slow-moving, but it is absolutely powerful, transformational work that we are called to do.

This is our spiritual awakening that allows us to create businesses that resist the status quo. Businesses that embody these loving, prosperous, transformative, supportive energies. Businesses built on our values. Businesses with strong, supportive boundaries. Businesses designed to serve the world in the myriad of ways it needs.

Are you in?