Private Coaching & Programs


A Two-Month Intentional Entrepreneurial Experience

This program is for the individual who is ready to experience the healing power of entrepreneurship. The individual who is ready to create from a place of intention and alignment. The individual who is ready to fully embrace and embody the entrepreneurial journey they chose for this life.


Twelve Months of Intuitive, Strategic Support

Designed for entrepreneurs that want consistent business support and strategy all year long. With three packages to choose from, you can select the one that most aligns with the support you desire. Packages include options for quarterly intuitive strategy and energy clearing on a quarterly basis, monthly sessions with Chynna, and even unlimited email and texting to Chynna all year.


Ongoing Support Packages

Consistent One-On-One Support

There are times in your business when you need more than just a single session to help you move forward. You may even find it beneficial to have regular sessions with someone where you can discuss your vision for your business, evaluate opportunities to make aligned decisions, and develop intuitive strategy that empowers you to move forward and serve your community.

With this option, you can choose between three package options, each with a certain amount of private sessions with Chynna and with unlimited email support from Chynna.

ongoing support packages.png

Intuitive Readings Packages

We each have a Spirit Team with us to help us navigate this human experience. Intuitive readings can be an integral part of your life and business, providing you with guidance and support from Spirit that supports your highest and best good. Choose either quarterly or monthly readings with Chynna where she will tune into your Spirit Team and hers to bring forth messages, insight, and strategy that will provide you clarity on how you can be of even more service to the world.