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Intuitive Business Healer in Residence

- s h i f t i n g t h e p a r a d i g m o f e n t r e p r e n e u r s h i p -

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Entrepreneurship is changing.

It’s time for liberation.

We’re liberating entrepreneurship from the clenched hands of Silicon Valley, from the sets of reality TV, and from the titans of industry that have learned how to profit from our pain.

We are no longer satisfied with movements that have been co-opted by corporations telling us when and how to support local business.

We are choosing meaning and intention and genuine Soul expressions.

Are you ready to begin?

Let's gather your friends and talk soul-aligned entrepreneurship at your kitchen table.

Let's pack your local park and talk entrepreneurship as a vehicle to rebuild our communities, transform our society, and heal our world.

Let's hold space where we can share our stories, support each other, and lift one another up.

Let’s shift the paradigm of entrepreneurship.


 Residency Structure

This residency structure provides opportunities for me to stay in new communities and places and allows me to have a meaningful impact on each community’s entrepreneurial fiber.

The backbone of the Intuitive Business Healer-in-Residence program is an energetic exchange between me as the Intuitive Business Healer and an individual or individuals in a specific community.

My part of the exchange is intuitive business strategy and coaching, as well as community talks and discussions, group workshops and experiences, and other entrepreneurial-focused support. As the host(s), you provide a place for me to stay and access to a place where I can work. We may also decide include some meals or other amenities in the exchange.

Each residency is uniquely structured to meet the needs of you and your community, as well as my needs as the visiting Intuitive Business Healer.

Keep reading for more specific details . . . .

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The Exchange

Chynna’s energetic exchange

Each residency package is tailored to meet the needs of you and your community. Some options include:

You/your community’s exchange

To host Chynna for her residency, your main contribution is lodging/accommodations. This should include:

  • A cat-friendly space for Zeke (my non-negotiable travel companion)

  • A bed

  • Living/sleeping space with a door so the cat is able to roam and my introverted heart has some privacy

  • Access to a bathroom with toilet, sink, and shower (can be shared access)

  • Access to a semi-private work space that has WiFi and where I can do video sessions with my clients. WiFi is not required in the living quarters, though always preferred.

Length of Stay

The length of my stay can vary, again based on the needs of you and your community, as well as my travel plans. You can choose from one of two options below and then we will customize the residency experience from there. Here are your choices:

Option One

I want to find 4 or 5 communities where I can stay for about one month each in 2019/2020.

My intention is to have a meaningful impact in your community through honest conversations, group workshops and experiences, volunteering with a group that is close to my heart, and being able to deeply engage and guide two to three businesses/entrepreneurs.

The effects of this shifting entrepreneurial paradigm can be experienced and integrated during the course of an Intuitive Business Healer Residency experience. Four or so weeks together could transform your business and community.

Option Two

As I travel between the 4 or 5 main communities I will be staying with this year, I will stop in other towns and communities for 3-7 days along the way.

This shorter Intuitive Business Healer-in-Residence experiences would be enough time for group workshops, a community talk, day of Intuitive Business Readings, or something similar.

Meaningful seeds can be planted during this shorter visits that will allow your community to reap powerful changes of this unfolding paradigm shift.

About Chynna

Intuitive Business Healer-in-Residence



Entrepreneurs see the world as it should be, not as it is. They are revolutionaries healing our world with their truth and vision.
— Chynna Haas

What do you do as an Intuitive Business Healer?

As an Intuitive Business Healer, I hold sacred space for you to remember who you are on a Soul level and why you’re here in this lifetime.

I work intuitively—
Connecting with Spirit to bring forth any messages, direction, or insight to help you move forward.
Sensing any stagnant or stuck energy that is blocking you in fully expressing and embodying your purpose at this time.
Tuning in to which systems and technologies that need to be brought into your work so they may provide sacred support and structure in your business.

I guide you back to the deepest, wisest parts of yourself and help you remember how to make decisions from that place.

I am deeply committed to the highest good of clients! I often act as a mirror to reflect this vision back to my clients, which allows them to see the highest good for themselves and begin taking action to bring their life’s work in alignment with this vision.

What’s your background?

I started my business in Fall 2016. Before striking out on my own, I was a digital advertising specialist for a regional media company. My professional background spans multiple industries and includes nonprofits, small businesses, and a Fortune 500 company. I also have over eight years experience as a social justice organizer around issues of gender equality, socioeconomic representation and advocacy, and violence prevention.

I first began interacting with Spirit when I was about three years old. I spent my youth seeing and interacting with Spirit, as well as sensing and working with energy under my own intuitive guidance. In my mid-twenties, I began to intentionally focus on my spiritual development and integrating my intuitive gifts into my work.

I hold my B.A. in Communication Arts and Gender/Women's Studies with a certificate in American Indian Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I am also a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (INHC) from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC.

Who are you outside of your work?

I’m a traveler who has been living and working nomadically since June 2018. I’m guardian of the coolest cat I know. I’m a lover of iced coffee— no matter what season or weather— and dark chocolate. I’m curious about the world around me, constantly looking for the dots that connect people, places, experiences, moments, knowings, nature, and worldviews. I’m an out lesbian. I’m sober. I’m obsessed with essential oils. I’m learning how to sew and quilt.


About the Residency

choosing meaningful connections and intentional entrepreneurship

The Intuitive Business Healer-in-Residence program is a vision that I’ve been nurturing for the past year. I believe it is an embodiment of a new way of entrepreneurship— one that prioritizes meaningful connections, fair energetic exchanges, and an intentional community.

Simply put . . . .

This program is an opportunity for me to visit a handful of communities in the United States and share my gifts and services as an Intuitive Business Healer.

Would you benefit from this kind of in-person guidance? Would your community?
Then keep reading for all the details on how you can apply to host me for a residency in your community.

Residency Inspiration

This Intuitive Business Healer-in-Residence Program is loosely based on various artist-in-residence programs, where an artist lives and works outside their usual environment, providing them time to reflect, research, and/or produce work.

I was going to call this an entrepreneur-in-residence program, but I realized that is actually a thing largely linked to venture capital (VC) firms and tech firms with everything I read about them making me uncomfortable, so I decided to choose a name that more deeply aligned with me.

Is this resonating?

This program isn’t for everyone, but if it resonates for you, I encourage you to submit your info in the contact form on the bottom of the page to start a conversation about me coming to your community this year.

Images © Chynna Haas - no use or reproduction without permission




 Common Questions

What accommodations are needed from the host?

I travel with my cat, so where I am actually staying (sleeping/living) needs to be cat friendly and preferably have a door separating our space from the rest of the home, studio, etc. Other than that, I am pretty low maintenance— a bed and bathroom (toilet, sink, & shower) are a must and some privacy for my introverted heart is helpful. I do ask that I have access to a semi-private work space that has WiFi and where I can do video sessions with my clients. I don’t need anything fancy. :)

What do you hope to get out of this exchange?

I am looking forward to getting outside of my familiar environment so that I can connect with entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds and gain new perspectives on business and entrepreneurship. I know I will be inspired by people, nature, places, food, and culture that I encounter along the way. I hope to be of service in a more direct and meaningful way,

I will add more questions and answers here as they come in. If you have a question, please ask using the form below! :)



Interested in hosting Chynna?

The residency is open to anywhere within the United States. If you’ve read this page and feel you or your community may be a good fit for hosting me as an Intuitive Business Healer-in-Residence, please complete the following contact form and I will reach out in the next couple days to continue the conversation.

Name *
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Awesome! Thank you so much for wanting to support the Intuitive Business Healer-in-Residence Program! 

You can help spread the word by sharing the link to this page with someone you think would be an AMAZING host. You can also contribute to our journey financially via PayPal using the button below.