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I often get asked what tools I use and recommend, so here's my list of my Favorite Resources that I use in my own business.

Please note that some of these links are affiliate links meaning that I may receive a commission from the company. That being said, please know that I only recommend tools that I love and personally use in my business and life.


The 3 Must-Haves

This is one of the fundamentals I teach-- if you only do three things to market your business they should be creating a Facebook page, growing an email list, and building a website where you can sell your goods or book your services.

Here are the three tools I recommend to get this done for about $26 (or less!) a month:


Facebook Business Page

Help your potential clients and customers discover your business through Facebook! Regardless of how long you've been in business or the size of your company, you will benefit from having a Facebook Business Page. With it you can share your vision, sell your products, book your services, grow your community, and learn more about your audience.


Building an email list lets you stay connected with your customers and potential customers. I recommend Mailchimp to all my clients because it's easy to use, affordable (most use the free version!), and it keeps up with the latest advances and trends in marketing. Oh and it helps you stay compliant with federal regulations for email marketing!

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A website is the digital storefront or headquarters for your business! Do you have one that is easy to navigate and easy for you to manage? I recommend Squarespace to the majority of my clients and it's the platform I use for my own sites. I also help my clients build their websites, which also gets them access to exclusive savings and offers from Squarespace.


Make It Easier!

Your time is valuable! So, make it easier for people to schedule with you, pay you, and send you what you need. Here are my favorite tools for doing just that.


Acuity Scheduling

I hate scheduling appointments-- the back and forth emails drive me batty and take way too much time! I now use Acuity Scheduling. If scheduling appointments, sessions, or treatments is at the heart of your work, then I highly recommend this tool! Beyond just booking the appointment, you can also accept full or partial payments, sell packages, and offer gift certificates. 

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When I do project support work or private coaching, I need to track these projects, as well as create invoices and contracts for my clients. 17hats helps me keep everything organized by Client, Contact, and Project. I can send and eSign contracts, send invoices, accept payment through my payment processor, and track important deadlines for a project all through my dashboard. It's been a game-changer for me!

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When I work with many of my private clients, we share files like presentations, pictures, and PDFs. These files can really clog up an inbox and many are too large to send via email. DropBox lets me create a shared folder with my client that contains all of the files for our projects. It allows us to use our time together to work instead of searching for files! We can also access the files on all devices.

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