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The Road Trip

Chynna is going on the road for three months of adventures with entrepreneurs!

Here's why....

If you've followed 29rebel for any length of time, you've likely heard me ask this question many times:
How are you shaking the world?

Have you ever taken the time to truly consider your answer?

You see, the question isn't just some throwaway rhetorical question or a gimmick or something I say to sound badass. It represents the heart of the work that I do and it embodies the soul mission of all the work my clients and community members do (that includes you).

You see, we are meant to shake the world in this lifetime. Not to cause chaos for the sake of chaos. Not to make waves for no good reason. Nope.

We are shaking the world so that all the layers blocking us from our true vision can fall away.
We are shaking the world so that its inhabitants awaken and feel the ripple of our own interconnectedness.
We are shaking the world so that we may heal it and our communities and ourselves.

So, I ask again: How are you shaking the world?

I've been asking myself this very question over and over again as I've navigated one of the most challenging years of my life. It was a year that made me evaluate where I live, how I live, who I love, how I serve, and nearly every other facet of who I am. But I asked and I listened and here is what I know:

Our society has a deep misunderstanding of entrepreneurship and business.
my work in this life is to aid in the undoing of this misunderstanding through teaching, writing, speaking, and working with entrepreneurs one at a time.


My Intention

I decided to take the summer and head out on the road to intentionally connect with entrepreneurs in deeper, more meaningful ways.

I want to experience where and how you work.
I want to explore your hometown and meet your community.
I want us to swap stories, exchange ideas, and hold space for one another.

Keep reading to see what will be going down on this road trip and how you can get involved.


Get Involved

Host Chynna

The intention of the this three-month road trip is to connect with entrepreneurs, so part of that is staying with host entrepreneurs. I believe in fair energetic exchanges, so I am offering intuitive business & marketing strategy, coaching, and project support in exchange for the accommodations. You can get all the details and apply to be a host using the button below.


Support the Work

Energetic exchanges of accommodations and business support will cover most the lodging. I will continue working with clients throughout the United States to cover the rest of my business and personal expenses, including care for my cat Zeke (who is also coming on the road!), food, gas, and my regular overhead costs. 

You can continue supporting my work and our 29rebel vision by choosing to work with me for intuitive business and marketing strategy. You can see all of my service options by clicking the button below.

You can also make a financial gift directly to the road trip funds via PayPal.


Gather Your Friends

As part of this next chapter for 29rebel, I am excited to introduce a brand new group opportunity: The EntreParty

During these three-hour workshops in your home, you will gather your entrepreneurial or should-be/want-to-be/will-be entrepreneurial friends around your kitchen table and we will walk through building and growing soul-aligned businesses that serve the world.


Spread the Word

As I finalize dates, locations, and events, you can help spread the word to your local community about upcoming happenings in your area and about the 29rebel vision as a whole. If you're interested in helping me promote the road trip and summer events, simply complete the form below.

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