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 Work with Chynna

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Your Intentional Entrepreneurial Journey Begins Now

Whether you’re preparing to launch your business or you’re ready for growth in your current business, I am here to support you in bringing intuition and intention to your work.

You can explore all of your options for working with me below. I encourage you browse the choices, click the buttons to learn more, and listen to your Inner Knowing for which session, program, or package resonates with you.

If you want help selecting the most supportive package for you, schedule a Clarity Chat with me where you can ask questions and I can help guide you in selecting the option that’s best for you at this time.

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 - Single Sessions
& Intuitive Readings -


I personalize each single session and reading to your unique needs and goals. So, regardless of where you are on your entrepreneurial journey, one of these sessions can provide you with the intuitive strategy and intention you need to support your work.


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 - Online Programs -

Death to the Newsletter Course

An online course that about email marketing that’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before! Enroll to access more than 7.5 hours of audio and video trainings with Chynna designed to help you bring your marketing efforts into alignment with your Big Vision for your business and to empower you to cultivate a community within your email list. The course also includes Series of step-by-step training videos showing you how to setup your own MailChimp account, create and customize your list, and create and send email campaigns.


 - Intentional Programs -


An Intentional Entrepreneurial Experience

This program is for the individual who is ready to experience the healing power of entrepreneurship. The individual who is ready to create from a place of intention and alignment. The individual who is ready to fully embrace and embody the entrepreneurial journey they chose for this life.


 - Ongoing Packages -


Twelve Months of Intuitive, Strategic Support

Designed for entrepreneurs that want consistent business support and strategy all year long. With three packages to choose from, you can select the one that most aligns with the support you desire. Packages include options for quarterly intuitive strategy and energy clearing on a quarterly basis, monthly sessions with Chynna, and even unlimited email and texting to Chynna all year.


Ongoing Support Packages

Consistent One-On-One Support

There are times in your business when you need more than just a single session to help you move forward. You may even find it beneficial to have regular sessions with someone where you can discuss your vision for your business, evaluate opportunities to make aligned decisions, and develop intuitive strategy that empowers you to move forward and serve your community.

With this option, you can choose between three package options, each with a certain amount of private sessions with Chynna and with unlimited email support from Chynna.


Intuitive Reading Packages

Year Long Guidance from Spirit

Intuitive readings can be an integral part of your life and business, providing you with guidance and support from Spirit that supports your highest and best good.



 - Intuitive Web Design -

Feeling Empowered in the Online Space

I am not a traditional web designer by any stretch. I do things differently. When I guide my clients in creating their websites and other support systems for their business, I work intuitively and intentionally. My goal is to demystify technology so you can feel empowered in how you show up online. One way I do this is through co-creating Intuitive Websites for my clients.



 - Essential Oils -

Support Your Alignment & Entrepreneurial Flow

Last summer, I welcomed essential oils into my life and my work. These little bottles of plant medicine have been a game-changer for me!

Using essential oils has made me feel more grounded in my work, while also opening up my intuition in deeper ways. They have also helped me do significant work on my mindset and many of the emotional patterns that were keeping me stuck in my work.

When you have a private session with me or tune in for any of my channeled livestreams, you will see me use essential oils as I ground to begin working with Spirit. This is just one of the many ways I regularly use oils to support my alignment with my work.