- Online Community -

align community

a l i g n is an intentional business community created for healers, creatives, and visionaries!

Each month new intuitively-created and channeled content is released around a central theme. Content includes an audio recording, weekly livestreams, and a monthly hangout event for members. You also get access to a Facebook group for a l i g n members.


- Online Programs-

Death to the Newsletter online Course

During more than 7.5 hours of audio and video content in this course, we will get techy as we look at how you actually build a list and send emails to it. We will also do a deep spiritual dive into the intention of your email marketing and what value you can give your community in this space.

Rebel Labs: LAunch Your Course

Together during the Rebel Labs: Launch Your Course program we will walk through everything you need to know to launch your own self-hosted online course. The course starts Thursday, January 3 and runs live for four weeks.


- Single Sessions & Readings -

Intuitive Business Reading

You aren't alone on your entrepreneurial journey or in your business. Beyond the experts, mentors, and loved ones with you in life, you also are supported by your Spirit Team. During this hour session, Chynna will tune into your Spirit Team and hers to bring forth messages, insight, and strategy that will provide you clarity on how to grow your business so you can be of even more service to the world.

Visionary Strategy Session

Somewhere inside of you is a Big Vision-- the road map and destination for what you were born to do in this life. During this session, we will work together to unlock this vision, gain clarity around it, and identify the intentional, aligned actions you can take to make it a reality.

Your Intentional Year

Join Chynna for this two-hour session where will work together intuitively and intentionally to plan your upcoming year in business and entrepreneurial (which really is personal and soul-level) growth and expansion. The goal is to help you take your Big Vision and bring it into reality over the next twelve months, while doing it in a way that feels aligned for you.

Business Energy Reading

During a Business Energy Reading, I work with our Spirit Teams to sit with the external pieces you’ve created for your business (website, social media profiles, etc.) and tune into the energy presented on these platforms, as well as the underlying energy of your work and your relation to it.

I record the audio of these sessions, which includes my reading of the energy of your business, how you’re presenting it physically/digitally, and your relation to your business and work. I share the energy as it feels/appears to me with Spirit and I channel any messages They have for you on how to clear your energy and step more fully into alignment with your work, including how you are presenting your externally.

These sessions are delivered to you via email as an audio file within five business days of your purchase. Each audio will run around 45-60 minutes.


- Ongoing Support Programs -

There are times in your business when you need more than just a single session to help you move forward. You may even find it beneficial to have regular sessions with someone where you can discuss your vision for your business, evaluate opportunities to make aligned decisions, and develop intuitive strategy that empowers you to move forward and serve your community.

You can choose between three packages, each with a certain amount of private sessions with Chynna. All packages also include unlimited email support from Chynna.


- Special Programs -


This program is for the individual who is ready to experience the healing power of entrepreneurship. The individual who is ready to create from a place of intention and alignment. The individual who is ready to fully embrace and embody the entrepreneurial journey they chose for this life.