Single Sessions


Visionary Strategy Session

~ Unlock Your Big Vision ~


Somewhere inside of you is a Big Vision-- the road map and destination for what you were born to do in this life. During this session, we will work together to unlock this vision, gain clarity around it, and identify the intentional, aligned actions you can take to make it a reality.

Investment: $240

Duration: Two Hours
Sessions take place via a Zoom Video Call

Intuitive Business Reading

~ Tune Into Your Business ~

You aren't alone on your entrepreneurial journey or in your business. Beyond the experts, mentors, and loved ones with you in life, you also are supported by your Spirit Team.

During this session, Chynna will tune into your Spirit Team and hers to bring forth messages, insight, and strategy that will provide you clarity on how to grow your business so you can be of even more service to the world.

Investment: $120

Duration: One Hour
Sessions take place via a Zoom Video Call