Intuitive Web Design

Part of my work in this lifetime is supporting you as you navigate the "business side" of your work.

This side of your work is one that you may struggle with the most, but when in alignment it can:

  • Create the sacred systems that allow you to be of service to even more people

  • Help you honor the abundant exchanges for your work by empowering you to manage your resources with ease and intention

  • Provide many of the opportunities for healing, growth, and expansion that you've chosen to experience in this lifetime

Time and time again, I hear from you that you struggle online because the space is too overwhelming or too negative or just too much.

I usually see this go one of three ways:

  1. You have a very simple website that either you built yourself or you had a friend/loved one help you build. Usually you say on the site that people should call you to schedule.

  2. You have an outdated and/or overly complicated website that bears no energetic resemblance to you or your work. The site may connect to your email or a scheduling system, but not very clearly and probably not very efficiently for you.

  3. You don't have a website at all. Either from overwhelm or disgust, you've opted out of the sharing your business in the digital space.

I am not judging because I can totally understand why you made the choices you did. But, I am going to lovingly ask you to see things in a new way....

We are being called to alter the energetic frequency of technology 

In our offline worlds, we each hold space for one another and ourselves to heal and create, to be fully expressed, to stand in our power, and to love. This work is powerful, potent even. But, now it is time for us to extend our gifts, intention, and frequency to the online world by holding digital space.

Just as with how your offline space, it is crucial that your online space is intentional and energetically in alignment with you true self.

Doing It Differently

I am not a traditional web designer by any stretch. I do things differently. When I guide my clients in creating their websites and other support systems for their business, I work intuitively and intentionally. My goal is to demystify technology so you can feel empowered in how you show up online. One way I do this is through co-creating Intuitive Websites with my clients.

Every website I create is unique so that it meets the unique intentions, goals, and desires of each client. I’ve put together three packages and two add-on options as a starting point for you to explore what type of support you want with creating a new online home for your work.

Please take a look at the information below and use this button to schedule a Website Exploration Session when you’re ready.



New Moon Package


Website Shell & Nerdy Setup

- start your DIY website off with intuition + technical support -


  • One-hour Intention Setting Session with Chynna

  • Creation of your new website on Squarespace

  • Selection of a theme that best supports your business goals and structure + full customization with your branding (colors, fonts, logo, etc.)

  • Setting your site's Favicon to your logo (creates Favicon, if needed)

  • Setting up & customizing of site Blog

  • Two rounds of website revisions (changing colors, fonts, page text and layout, etc.)

  • One-hour Settings Call with Chynna to finalize settings and site integrations

  • Transferring or forwarding of your current domain (website URL) and/or setup of a new domain through Squarespace

  • Setting up your domain email address if you do not have one. If you already have a domain email address(es), Chynna will verify the best way to handle the switch to your new website so that we cause limited disruption with your email service.

  • 2-Hour Website Training Session with Chynna

  • Unlimited email access to Chynna during site build

Gibbous Package


Full Website Build + Sessions with Chynna

- collaborative and intuitive website co-creation -


  • Everything in the New Moon Package

  • One Sacred Systems Session with Chynna (2 hours)

  • Six One-Hour Sessions with Chynna

  • Collaborative co-creation of your site’s structure and content with Chynna

  • Configuration of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) options & settings for your website

  • Unlimited email & texting access to Chynna for duration of program

Full Moon Package


Full Website Build + Sessions with Chynna + Theia Add-On + Helios Add-On

- collaborative and intuitive website co-creation + full setup of your email & scheduling support systems -


  • Everything in the Gibbous Package

  • Everything in the Theia Add-On (Acuity setup)

  • Everything in the Helios Add-On (Mailchimp setup)

  • Unlimited email & texting access to Chynna for duration of program


Package Add-Ons

Theia Add-On

- intentional creation of your client scheduling system -


  • Acuity Scheduling account setup & customization (includes payment integration)

  • Integration of Acuity on your new website

  • Access to Chynna's Acuity training videos

Helios Add-On

- intentional setup of your email marketing tool -


  • MailChimp account setup & customization for email marketing

  • Integration of MailChimp on your new website

  • Access to Chynna's online training program "Death to the Newsletter"


Budget & Project Timeline

My goal is to help you create a website that you love and that deeply resonates with your Soul.

Before we get too far in the process, I want to talk budget and timeline so we can both be on the same page about what this journey looks like.


These packages and add-ons are starting points for your new Intuitive Website. After our Website Exploration Session, I will send you a quote for your unique website based on your intentions, goals, and needs. To help you decide if working together in this manner works with your budget, the New Moon Package starts at around $1,000.

Project Timeline

Depending on which package and add-ons you select, most site builds will take 1-3 months to complete. We can discuss current availability during your Website Exploration Session.

Current Availability

September 2019 - One (1) Spot Available
October 2019 - One (1) Spots Available
December 2019 - One (1) Spot Available


Next Steps

If you are interested in possibly working with me on your new website, please schedule a Website Exploration Session using the button below. During this video call, we will discuss your intentions, goals, and desires for your new website. I am also able to answer any questions you may have and we can get a sense if we are a good energetic fit for working together.


Testimonials of My Work


I came to Chynna with a DIY website that I really didn't want anyone to see. "Yeah, I have a website..." (but I hope you won't look at it). This, obviously was not helping me spread the word about the wonderful transformational bodywork I knew I had to offer. Chynna listened deeply to the needs and underlying and unspoken energies of my business and guided me to create a beautiful and functional website that really conveys and matches the quality of my work. The right people are finding me, and I've been able to easily expand the scope of my healing work in ways that inspire me and my clients every day.   

-Jennelle Thimmesch, Owner of Integral Alchemy Wellness

Amanda Z Circle.png

As a authorprenuer trying to make my way in the big wide world, I knew I needed help in the marketing department. The problem? No one would help me. Heck, hardly anyone would even return my calls. The ones who did wouldn't even offer up a price point. They would simply say, 'You can't afford us.' But NOT Chynna. Not only did Chynna offer me high quality and affordable marketing help, but she helped me in a way that taught me how to help myself in the future. I came to Chynna in the fall of 2016 for a website makeover and a desire to automate my eNewsletter... and here I am, in 2018 returning to her almost monthly for questions about Pinterest, social media posting, and overall business 'how to's'. I have attended one on one sessions, small group workshops, and large group presentations, all of which I walked away feeling knowledgeable and positive that I could move my business forward in a great way. I would highly recommend Chynna to any entrepreneur wanting to take their business to a new level of awesome. 


Lisa T Circle.png

Chynna is creative, energetic, knowledgeable and a delight to work with. She guided me through my business re-visioning process with non-judgmental support, feedback and suggestions. She helped me create a web presence that I am proud to invite my clients and future clients to explore while integrating the Acuity online scheduling system. In addition she assisted with creating my work and personal scheduling system through G Suite to ease balance between my personal and work life. I have great peace of mind knowing that I can turn to her when I have questions related to web updates, scheduling, social media and marketing.






Q & A

Q: Are there any other fees I need to pay or things that you charge for in these pacakges and add-ons?
A: I charge a one-time fee for your package and any add-ons you choose. I do offer a 10% discount for full payment, otherwise we work out a payment plan. This price (provided to you in a quote after your Website Exploration Session) is all that you have to pay me to do the work that's included with each option. There are additional fees to pay for using Squarespace (the platform that I will build your website on) and Acuity Scheduling (the tool so clients can book sessions with you).

For Squarespace, you can pay monthly ($26/month) or annually ($216/year) for a Business Plan. You can get all the details about these choices here.

For Acuity, I recommend you use either the Emerging Plan ($15/month) or the Growing Plan ($25/month). The Growing Plan is necessary if you want to sell and book gift certificates, packages, or programs through your Acuity Scheduling. You can see more details on the pricing options here.

Also, please note that I do NOT charge a monthly maintenance fee after I build your site. A lot of companies out there seem to do that (according to what my clients tell me), so I want to let you know upfront that I do not. If you want support down the road in adding more pages, updating your site, adding a blog, etc., I am definitely available to help you with that and we can talk pricing based on what you need. But there are no standard monthly maintenance fees with me.

Q: I want some other features on my website that I don’t see listed above can you do that?
A: Maybe! Additional website features and add-ons and integrations can be included in your custom website. Please share what you else you want your website to have or be able to do during your Website Exploration Session.

Q: Do you have an option where you will just build my whole website without us having to do sessions together or anything?
A: Simply put, no.

I believe that the process of creating your finished website is an intimate and integral part of coming into authentic Soul-level alignment yourself and your entrepreneurial endeavors. That being said, there is no reason to spends hours upon hours (days, weeks, months, or even years) struggling with the technical or aesthetic aspects of your website. That is why I structured my packages and add-ons as I have— I do the technical and design heavy-lifting for you, but I offer options where we intuitively co-create the rest of your website together. This includes your actual website content— the words, images, and structure of each page on your website.

Have more questions? 


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